MMA Betting Guide

Mixed Martial Arts (known worldwide as MMA) is a relatively new sport if you compare it to other sports like football etc. However, betting on MMA has increased massively in recent years and is only going to grow in popularity as a sport to bet on.

We’ve put together some tips and factors to consider when betting on this forever evolving sport. 

Firstly, there are a few things to know about betting on MMA, they are:

There are no draws – It is possible for the outcome of a fight to be a draw but they are very rare, in the history of the UFC there are have only been a handful of draws in the 1000+ fights that have taken place. When betting on a fight there is no option for a draw and if a draw were to happen you should get your original stake returned.

You can’t bet In-Play – Unlike football that has a duration on 90mins there isn’t the ability to place an In-Play bet when a fight is taking place. The fights tend to be 15mins (3 x 5 minute rounds) in length if they are non-championship deciding, or 25mins (5 x 5 minute rounds) if fighting for a championship. The majority of fights are non-championship and will be 15mins in length. Also, despite MMA being an established sport it’s not got the amount of punters that football has, it’s normally shown on PPV (Pay Per View) and the majority of events take place in the United States.

Fights can last anywhere between 5 seconds and 25 minutes – Unlike sports like football that have a fixed duration, mixed martials arts can end earlier than the maximum duration if a referee decides to stop the fight (this tends to happen if a fighter gets submitted, knocked out or a serious injury occurs)

How to choose a fighter to bet on

This isn’t as clear cut as you think and requires a lot of knowledge on the sport. There aren’t really any tipsters for MMA however I highly value the opinion of ex-UFC fighter Dan Hardy. Dan works for the UFC these days and puts together pre-fight videos where he will break down the upcoming fight and usually give his verdict on who he thinks is going to win. He is normally quite accurate with his predictions! You can view his videos here.

Things to bear in mind when choosing a fighter to bet on

Previous form – Just like sports such as football and horse racing previous form should be considered. If a fighter is on a run for a title shot and is currently unbeaten then there is a very good chance he/she will win their next fight.

Fighters on a losing streak – If a fighter has lost their last 2 fights in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) then they will be more determined than ever to win their next fight. The reason for this is the UFC cut a fighter from their organisation if they lose 3 in a row.

Fan favourites that are passed their prime – There are a number of these in the UFC and they usually offer the best chance to obtain some great odds. Normally they are stars who are the wrong side of 30, are entertaining and still attract good ticket/PPV sales. Fighters who fall into this category include: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Michael “The Count” Bisping, Anderson “The Spider” Silva, The Diaz Brothers, Diego Sanchez etc.

Previous Finalists of the Ultimate Fighter TV Show – There are very few fighters who are still fighting from the early shows, and those who have reached the finals in recent seasons have performed badly since. A lot of recent finalists have even been dropped from the UFC (Colton Smith and Mike Ricci amongst others).

We hope you find this guide useful and we will continue to improve it over time whilst this young, exiting sport evolves.



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