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Looking For a Custom XML Feed?

Are you looking for a custom or bespoke XML feed for football? Do you need the best odds for upcoming fixtures? What about tips or results? We are currently helping a number of affiliates/sports websites with their feed/data requirements. We can provide a large range of feeds that are created to your exact requirements. Currently Read More

An Update From The Oddshunter Team

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and the glorious weather we’ve been having recently. The Oddshunter team has been busy working away getting things ready for the new football season by making a lot of changes behind the scenes! We’ve got some new footballs odds feeds, improved the stability of the website and automated Read More

MMA Betting Guide

Mixed Martial Arts (known worldwide as MMA) is a relatively new sport if you compare it to other sports like football etc. However, betting on MMA has increased massively in recent years and is only going to grow in popularity as a sport to bet on. We’ve put together some tips and factors to consider when Read More

Choosing Hosting

Choosing hosting for a website/application can be a bit of a minefield, I’ve been building and hosting websites for 15+ years and  have gained a lot of knowledge in this area so I hope you find this post useful. Your choice should be made on the complexity of your website/system and your budget. If you Read More

Odds Comparison Guide

Before you start reading I recommend that you get yourself a cup of tea/coffee as this is a long post. It doesn’t get too technical but does cover things like database design and it also assumes you have a basic knowledge of PHP. There are two ways to implement odds comparison, either use a feed Read More